A review of the business a book by ian banks

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Ian Harper

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In the sordid world of high finance

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Averting international banking crises

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The Times (London) The Business is a classic Banks invention. The Scotsman To most of us, the world of international high finance is a mysterious domain, full of grey men in grey suits. But Iain Banks's biting satire cuts through the balmettes.com Business is human comedy, entertainment with a serious, satirical intent.

Ian Banks - Moore Street Mall

Business Tech Science Books blog Does Elon Musk really understand Iain M Banks's Your next box set The Crow Road box set review: a masterful adaptation of Iain Banks’s addictive.

Search Term. Media type. Book Review – Under Glass Under Glass by Claire Robertson (Umuzi) ISBN: Claire Robertson is a South African novelist and this, her third novel, gives a view into a colonial life in Port Natal during the s. The Business by Iain Banks My rating: 5 of 5 stars I have read all of Iain Banks novels and this one is one of my favourites.

The Business from where the book gets its name is a centuries old concern, at one point in the novel it is suggested that its history stretches back as far as the Roman Empire, but the story postulates the compelling conceit that over centuries The Business /5(37).

A review of the business a book by ian banks
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