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Louisiana Sheriffs' Association shells out for officials' stay at resort

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State Rep. Joe Lopinto sponsored a bill last year that called for millions of dollars in new annual revenue for sheriffs across Louisiana.

The measure provided reimbursements to local sheriffs. ANNUAL REPORT FY $44, unity of greater baton rouge Administer Shelter plus care program for disabled homeless population in hurricane damaged areas for the Office of Community Development. $3, thinkstream, inc.

Mobile data computing support system for the Department of Public Safety. TANGIPAHOA PARISH SHERIFF’S OFFICE.

Sunburn — The morning read of what’s hot in Florida politics — April 13

Welcome to the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office Website. We are proud to be a nationally accredited sheriff's office– one.

'I want to build a damn empire.'

Political Contributions by Individuals - Donations to Congress, local, or national races, Republican or Democrat and other candidates in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Toggle navigation. (BR BUSINESS REPORT/OWNER), (Zip code: ) $ to BAKER FOR CONGRESS COMMITTEE (BAKER, RICHARD HUGH) on 06/30/ Thinkstream, Inc.

Bellue Barry

v. Rubin, XXXX-XXXX The attached Exhibit 4 is a copy of a compliance report that he obtained from the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals entitled "Report on Compliance with Laws and Regulations Based on a Limited Review of Financial Statements and Financial Records for Good Shepherd Resource and Substance Abuse.

The official website of City of Lake Charles, Louisiana. Through their dedication, the men and women of the Lake Charles Police Department have made outstanding achievements in the area of community partnerships and fostering a greater sense of effectiveness while striving to reduce the incidence of crime and disorder in the City of Lake Charles.

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