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LA Times columnist faces backlash after comparing Sarah Huckabee Sanders to a 'chunky soccer mom'

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She added that other elements did similar work. THE BUSINESS TIMES - Find latest business & financial news including analysis and opinion on top business stories, [LOS ANGELES] Imports at major US container ports are leveling off after retailers' months-long rush to bring in AM.

Jan 9, AM. Government & Economy. Nov 03,  · A Los Angeles Times columnist faced criticism this week after his latest piece took aim at the White House press secretary's physical appearance.

The Hollywood Reporter, the entertainment industry’s flagship media brand, announced today that Joe Bel Bruno, deputy entertainment editor at the Los Angeles Times, has been named News Director for The Hollywood Reporter.

As News Director, Bel Bruno will be in charge of breaking industry news and business coverage for The Hollywood Reporter in both print and online.

The San Francisco Business Times features local business news about San Francisco. We also provide tools to help business' grow, network and hire.

Developers already planned office space at Sparkman Wharf and Water Street. Pre-leasing interest is strong enough that they could break ground on a tower at Channelside Drive, too. Watch video · Disneyst Century Fox deal would be a ‘transformative’ moment in media: LA Times reporter PM ET Tue, 7 Nov Global Business and Financial News, Stock Quotes, and Market Data and.

Business reporter la times
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