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Communicative English (CEP)

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A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is a set of written instructions that shows how to perform a routine activity in an organisation.

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The development and use of SOPs form an integral part of any successful quality system. • Administrative skills Skilled communicator. Training. Recruiting. Coaching. Negotiation. Key networking skills. Decision Making. Reporting.

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Research and Analysis. Presentation skill. Jul Nanthaamani Subramaniam Page 2 of 4 To organize travel and accommodation arrangements for business trips and manage expenses claims for. -

Our Business writing skills training is suitable for anyone who lacks confidence in writing and wants to brush up their skills or lay the foundations for an advanced course. The Centre works with people from all sectors including the public sector, voluntary sector, corporate sector and private sector.

Course Outline - Business Writing Training Course. Download Business Writing Training Course Outline Foreword: Writing is a key method of communication in personal and professional life and for many it is a skill that requires focus, training and practice.


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Training Providers' Circular No 5/ The purpose of this Circular is to inform training providers on the repeal of the Training Needs Analysis (TNA). Malaysia's Premier Education Resource Guide Online, established since This channel is useful for students looking for further studies in any of the following education levels: Pre-university, Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor's Degree, Language Short Courses.

Business writing skills training malaysia mlvk
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