Cefms corporate business reports

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Position requires a working knowledge of the Corp of Engineers Financial Management System (CEFMS), Corporate Business Reports (CBR) and Oracle Financial Analyzer (OFA).

Knowledge of District, Division and agency regulations, policies, practices and procedures for reporting requirements. Maintains, uses and remains conversant with several HQ Military and ER program databases, (e.g. CEFMS, Corporate Business Reports (CBR), FUDSMIS, P2) and electronic mail service via communication with either mainframe or personal computers.

Efficient in the following systems/Programs: CEFMS, CEMRS, P2, DCPDS, IMD, Citi Bank System. Familiar with Corporate Business Reports (CBR), Corps Acquisition Management (CAM) and Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW). Maintains, uses and remains conversant with several HQ Military and ER program databases, (e.g.

CEFMS, Corporate Business Reports (CBR), FUDSMIS, P2) and electronic mail service via communication with either mainframe or personal computers. USACE IT/IM Migration Strategy Decision Briefing Board of Directors Contract Number Grant Number that supports USACE business strategies and goals while improving mission performance and customer satisfaction.

Reports CEFMS HQUSACE Operating Budget CURRENT FUTURE. 2/5/98 21 Product? TIMELINE Product Complete Product. - Enterprise Level Business Intelligence Services: BEIS will provide data aggregation services, collecting select transaction level data from DoD systems of record to support business intelligence.

BEIS will also deliver corporate business intelligence capabilities such as contingency reporting, status of funds reporting and management dashboards.

Cefms corporate business reports
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