Channillo writing a book

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Mar 02,  · Channillo: A Digital Publishing Platform for Writers. March 2, March 2, ~ sarahmweber A Digital Publishing Platform for Writers ” Pingback: Channillo: Hi 🙂 I’ve just started writing for Channillo (2 series) I haven’t seen anything in terms of income yet but I’m just happy to have a platform go share.

/r/fantasywriters - A fantasy-focused writing subreddit. I've just started publishing on there authors on Channillo. See, I'm self published through Amazon's KDP and Smashwords but I don't mind providing my book through Channillo for the readers already there.

Channillo has become a way for me to expand my reach a little bit more. In fact, any writer can create a Channillo profile for this purpose, even if they don’t currently have a series running on Channillo.

In addition, we often allow writers to serialize a book that is being published in another format elsewhere as long as it’s not available for free.

One attempt to do so is Channillo, started by Kara Monterey about a ranging from poetry and nonfiction to fantasy, paranormal or mystery. Most of them are book chapters; some, like my own What So far I’ve got 33 pieces up there out of the 52 planned.

Writing them is fun, even if I sometimes scramble to get them finished for the Monday. I first heard about Channillo on twitter back in but it took me almost a year to start using it.

If you have published the book already (and own the appropriate rights to it) and it isn't free, you can upload it to Channillo as well. Personally at the time of (re)writing this blog post, I'm thinking of.

Channillo is a digital publishing platform for writers interested in releasing an ongoing series of work to loyal readers. Such work may include short stories, essays, columns, book chapters, journals, and poetry.

New work may be released anywhere from daily to quarterly depending on the series.

Channillo writing a book
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