Internship report on banglalink

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Internship Report on Banglalink Telesales Essay Sample

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Chick is a vague venture company and the first one to attend the idea of mobile in Reading. This is a great honor to me to submit the internship report on the topic “Telesales Practice & Prospect of Banglalink” as per Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program requirement.

This program provides me practical knowledge about Real Estate business sector in Bangladesh. Internship Report on Banglalink. 0. Free Essays. This is specially so if Bangladesh intends to participate and coexist economically and socially in a larger information-intensive world.

There were only 3, users when mobile phone was an expensive personal gadget of the society’s affluent segment. Competition was introduced in INTERNSHIP REPORT ON BANGLALINK DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED.

TOPIC OF THE REPORT Recruitment Process of Banglalink Submitted To Nusrat Hafiz Lecturer BRAC Business School BRAC University Submitted By Md.

Navid Hossain Chowdhury ID BRAC Business School BRAC University Date of Submission: meet-banglalink; advanced-internship-program; chat with me. Interns will be required to submit a report on his/her assigned project after completion of their 3-month internship program.

A letter of internship completion will be issued to them after successful submission & evaluation of report. Internship Report on Banglalink. Subject: Business Topic: Internship Report.

Banglalink. Orascom telecom bangladesh limited (“banglalink”) is fully owned by orascom telecom holding. The ultimate parent company of the group is vimpelcom, the 6th largest mobile phone operator in the world.

banglalink was acquired by oth inand after a. This report is the result of three months internship at BANGLALINK. I worked as an internee in BANGLALINK from June 2 to august 10 In addition, I have completed this internship .

Internship report on banglalink
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Internship Report on Banglalink - Assignment Point