The lucky one by nicholas sparks book report

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The Lucky One certainly doesn't disappoint. Though not as weepy as I've come to expect from Sparks, it is an example of chick-lit at its very best. Though not as weepy as I've come to expect from Sparks, it is an example of chick-lit at its very best.

The Lucky One by nicholas sparks Loved every bit of this book. Loved all nicholas sparks books including, dear john, the notebook, the choice and message in a bottle. #1 New York Times bestselling author Nicholas Sparks tells the unforgettable story of a man whose brushes with death lead him to the love of his life.

After U.S. Marine Logan Thibault finds a photograph of a smiling young woman buried in the dirt during his tour of duty in Iraq, he experiences a sudden streak of luck--winning poker games and even surviving deadly combat.

The movie version of Message in a Bottle was released inA Walk to Remember was released inand The Notebook was released in The average domestic box office gross per film was $56 million -- with another $ million in DVD sales -- making the novels by Nicholas Sparks one of the most successful franchises in Hollywood.

Feb 02,  · A Walk to Remember is a beautiful, romantic, heartwarming story that will sure to leave you crying at the end.

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But as the author states in his preface - "you have been forewarned". I don't read many fiction books, yet when I do, I tend to stick to favorite authors and Nicholas Sparks is Status: Resolved. The Lucky One Nicholas Sparks, Author, John Bedford Lloyd, Read by, read by John Bedford Lloyd.

Hachette Audio $ (0p) ISBN a manly man if ever there was one. Lloyd’s.

The lucky one by nicholas sparks book report
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